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Effective Strategies for Managing Insomnia: Medicinal Cannabis Oil


Clinical trial shows that cannabis oil improved melatonin levels and sleep quality in insomnia patients

Insomnia, a condition where people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, is quite common, affecting as many as 30% of people in the general population.

Clinical Trial

Scientists conducted a clinical trial to understand how cannabis oil called Entoura-10:15 might help adults with insomnia. In this study, 29 participants who reported having clinical insomnia took part. They were divided into two groups: one group received a placebo (a substance with no therapeutic effect), while the other group received the active Entoura-10:15 medicinal cannabis oil. This oil contained two important compounds: 10 mg/ml of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 15 mg/ml of cannabidiol (CBD). Over two weeks, participants gradually increased their daily oil dose, ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 ml. After this, there was a one-week break before they switched to the other group to ensure accurate results.

The participants kept a daily diary to record their experiences. Most participants tolerated the Entoura-10:15 medicinal cannabis oil quite well.

The researchers looked at midnight melatonin levels in participants' saliva. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles, and the levels significantly improved in the group that received the active oil. This improvement was 30%, while the placebo group saw a decline of 20%.

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Sleep Quality

The researchers used questionnaires like the Insomnia Severity Index to understand the participants' sleep quality better. The results showed that 60% of those who received the medicinal cannabis oil no longer met the criteria for clinical insomnia at the end of the 2-week treatment period.

The study also used Fitbit activity/sleep wrist trackers to monitor sleep patterns. People taking the medicinal cannabis oil experienced improvements in both the duration and quality of their sleep. They enjoyed an additional 21 minutes of light sleep each night compared to the placebo group. The overall sleep quality improved by up to 80% in the active group, including their daily functioning.


This study suggests that Entoura-10:15 medicinal cannabis oil is well-tolerated and effective in improving sleep in adults with insomnia. These findings provide hope for individuals struggling with this common sleep disorder, offering a potential new avenue for treatment. However, further research is needed to confirm and expand upon these results.

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