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You can participate in clinical trials as a patient with a condition who would like access to cutting-edge investigative drugs and therapies, or you can signup as a healthy volunteer who would like to aid scientific research and receive compensation.

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  1. You want to participate in a clinical trial as a patient with a condition.

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  3. You believe you can help researchers develop therapies and treatments by anonymously sharing your lifestyle data.

Once you have completed signing up, you will start receiving emails that will notify you about clinical trials you may be interested in. You can respond to the ones that interest you, and reject the others.

CenTrial will notify the trial sites of your interest, and if they want to screen you further they will phone, email, or text you an invitation.

You no longer have to spend hours searching for clinical trials – CenTrial does it all for you!

There are hundreds of new trials being started every week, and you will be automatically notified of each one that is a match for you!

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"Just knowing that I'm contributing fills me with a sense of pride that I could be helping to create new insights or helping people in a similar position."
P. Manning

The experimental treatment allowed Lawrence to play tennis which arthritis had prevented him from doing. "CenTrial is a fantastic site, and I certainly endorse it 100%." L. Whitlock