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Clinical trials need participants
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CenTrial.org is a rapidly growing platform that matches the world's people with the world's clinical trials.

This is a free service for patients and volunteers.

CenTrial provides a platform where researchers can easily manage and track new volunteers and patients.

CenTrial.org does not provide any diagnoses or give any health advice.

CenTrial Data Ltd. is a privately held Canadian Company and can be contacted below.

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Kristoff Coates Kristoff Coates
Head of Sales
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1-778-817-1196 x103

Technology & Security

Ryan Land Ryan Land
Head of Cyber Security
Jonathan Knopp Jonathan Knopp
Lead Programmer


Jason Lust Jason Lust
Head of Marketing


Dr Danial Ahmed Dr Danial Ahmed
Patient Screening, Author
Dr Srividya Vasu Dr Srividya Vasu
CenTrial Data Ltd.
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