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Quick Summary: Why CenTrial Might Be Right for You

Are you interested in accessing the latest medical treatments and contributing to groundbreaking medical research?

CenTrial offers a unique opportunity to match you with clinical trials tailored to your health profile. Our secure and personalized service simplifies the search for clinical trials, saving you time and effort. Whether you're seeking access to modern medicine, wish to contribute to medical advancements, or are curious about potential incentives, CenTrial connects you to the forefront of medical research.

Discover how our easy sign-up process, commitment to privacy, and personalized matching can help you navigate the world of clinical trials with ease and confidence.

Because you are looking to make informed health decisions or to play a part in the development of new treatments, CenTrial's free matching service may be perfect for you.


Clinical trials are pivotal in advancing medical science, offering hope and the possibility of new treatments for various conditions. These carefully structured studies are crucial for evaluating the safety and efficacy of innovative drugs, therapies, and medical devices, setting the stage for breakthroughs that can significantly impact health outcomes. Navigating the path to find and engage with pertinent clinical trials, however, can be daunting and filled with uncertainty for many.

CenTrial's platform is designed to streamline how individuals find clinical trials. Utilizing Protected Health Information (PHI), CenTrial expertly matches patients and volunteers with research studies that best align with their health profiles. Our mission is unequivocal: to accelerate medical research and foster the development of novel treatments by effortlessly connecting patients and volunteers with researchers.

Signing up with CenTrial's automated matching service is straightforward and secure, ensuring you are matched with research opportunities perfectly suited to your health needs. We place the utmost importance on your privacy and the safeguarding of your information, guaranteeing a seamless and worry-free experience as you consider contributing to pivotal medical discoveries.

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Why Choose CenTrial?

Personalized Matching:

CenTrial's strength lies in its dedication to personalized service. Following the sign-up process, you are prompted to complete a profile that securely collects your health information.

This data is pivotal for matching you with clinical trials that not only meet your health conditions but also resonate with your personal health goals. This bespoke matching process ensures that you are connected with trials that are most relevant to you.

Save Time and Effort:

The quest for the right clinical trial can be overwhelming, akin to searching for a needle in a haystack with thousands of ongoing studies worldwide. CenTrial alleviates this burden.

Our automated service efficiently sifts through trials that are currently recruiting to identify those that best match your health profile, significantly reducing the time and effort required on your part and streamlining your search for suitable clinical trials.

Stay Informed:

Being well-informed is important, especially when it involves your health. CenTrial ensures that you are not only matched with clinical trials but also supplied with relevant information about them.

Upon receiving a match, you will be given detailed information about the trial, including its purpose and the type of trial it is (treatment, prevention, diagnostic, genetic, observational, etc.). This empowers you to make well-informed decisions at your own pace, without any pressure. You can decide whether to proceed to the screening phase or reject a match and wait for other opportunities.

Opting to use CenTrial gives you the potential of participating in cutting-edge medical research, saves you time, provides you with detailed information, and ensures that your matches are as relevant and personalized as possible.

We aim to provide you with a clear vision of CenTrial's role and the process involved, ensuring you have a firm understanding of what to expect when you sign up for the service.

How It Works

Secure Sign-Up:

You begin with a secure sign-up process designed to protect your privacy and information. We use advanced encryption and security measures to ensure your personal details are kept confidential.

This process includes creating a secure account with your email and setting a strong password. We respect your privacy at every step, ensuring that your decision to contribute to medical research is supported by a foundation of trust and security.

Building Your Health Profile:

After signing up, the next step is to build your health profile through our comprehensive survey. This survey is designed to gather your detailed Protected Health Information (PHI) in a secure and confidential manner.

Questions cover medical history, current health conditions, lifestyle, and other factors relevant to clinical trial eligibility. Your responses create a detailed health profile that is essential for our matching algorithm. This profile enables us to connect you with clinical trials that are not just relevant one of your health issues, but to all of them.

Matching and Notifications:

Once your health profile is complete, CenTrial's system initiates the matching process. Our advanced algorithms analyze thousands of clinical trials to identify those that align with your health information. When a match is found, you will be notified with details about the trial, including its objectives, what participation entails, and its potential relevance to your health.

CenTrial's unique model matches you to trials that can address any of the health issues you are living with. If you have asthma, psoriasis, and depression, CenTrial will search for matches to each of these conditions, saving you the time and hassle of monitoring multiple websites.

As well as helping people with illnesses to find clinical trials, CenTrial also enables healthy volunteers to register, as many clinical trials need healthy "controls" that allow researchers examine how a variety of people respond to their treatment protocols.

The notification serves as the first step in connecting you with new research opportunities. Should you accept a matched trial, the next steps involve your explicit consent to share your PHI with the research team responsible for the trial. This consent is vital and allows the researchers to conduct a preliminary screening of your data to confirm your eligibility for participation. It's important to note that your decision to proceed and share your PHI with researchers is entirely voluntary, and you maintain full control over this process.

Should a particular trial not meet with your current interests or needs, you have the ability to reject that specific trial and accept only the trials that are truly relevant to you.

Your Private Homepage

After the registration process is complete, you are given access to your own personalized homepage where you can review your matches. If you have been accepted (enrolled) into a trial, you can click on the "Pause Trial Matches" in order to temporarily stop receiving matches, as many trials are conditional on you working with them exclusively for the duration of the trial. You can also "Pause Trial Matches" if you are away on vacation, for instance, or just are too busy at the moment.

Your homepage also has links to resources such as "Clinical Trial Results" and resources such as advocacy groups, blogs, stories, apps and books related to clinical trials.

Accepting a match

When you accept a match, it is sent to the relevant clinicians who review your health profile. If they believe you qualify for their trial, they will contact you directly and you will be given extensive information about what is required of you and what the trial entails in terms of clinic visits, medications you must take, records you must keep, etc.

At this, and at any point in the process you may choose to opt out of the trial. There is no obligation to continue if you feel that the process is not what you expected. You are in control and have the right to discontinue if you so choose.

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Benefits of Joining Clinical Trials Through CenTrial

Access to Modern Medicine:

Clinical trials are a potential gateway to the latest medical treatments and innovations, often long before they are available to the general public. These studies are important for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of new therapies, drugs, and procedures, and hoperully providing new options to those facing health challenges.

By accepting a match with a clinical trial through CenTrial, you gain the opportunity to be at the forefront of medical research, where each discovery shapes the future of healthcare and offers new treatment possibilities.

Contribution to Medical Research:

Your participation in a clinical trial, facilitated by CenTrial's matching service, plays a vital role in the advancement of medical science. Every participant contributes to the collective knowledge that drives medical breakthroughs, potentially improving treatment options and patient outcomes for a wide range of conditions.

This participation not only has the potential to benefit your health but also makes a significant impact on the wellbeing of future generations, advancing healthcare for all.

Potential Incentives:

While the primary motivations for participating in clinical trials through CenTrial include accessing innovative treatments and contributing to medical research, it's important to note that some trials may offer incentives.

Incentives offered can range from compensation for time and travel to accommodations and stipends. Such benefits vary from trial to trial and will be explained to you by the clinician who contacts you.

Remember, the primary rewards for trial participation remain the invaluable contributions to medical advancements and the possibility of accessing groundbreaking treatments.

Your Role and Responsibilities

Informed Choices:

While CenTrial provides the initial match based on your Protected Health Information (PHI), the choice to proceed further lies in your hands.

Upon being matched with a trial, you will receive basic information to help you understand its relevance to your health profile. It's important to review this information thoughtfully and consult with your healthcare provider to make an informed decision about proceeding to the next steps, which include sharing your PHI with the trial's research team for further screening.

Privacy and Consent:

CenTrial upholds the highest standards of privacy and data protection for your PHI. Your decision to use our service initiates a secure, consent-based process where you control the use of your personal health data.

Upon accepting a match with a clinical trial, you will be asked for explicit consent to share your PHI with the researchers conducting the trial. This step is critical for the screening process, allowing researchers to determine your eligibility for the trial. You have the power to withdraw your consent at any time, discontinuing your participation in the service or halting the process of sharing your information with a specific trial.

Our commitment ensures that your health information is used solely for the purpose of clinical trial matching, maintaining a secure and personalized experience throughout your engagement with CenTrial.

Getting Started

Step-by-Step Quickstart Guide:

  • Visit the CenTrial Sign-Up Page: Navigate to the CenTrial.org website and click on the sign-up link to begin.
  • Create Your Account: Provide basic information such as your name and email address, and create a secure password for your new account.
  • Verify Your Email: Look for a verification email from CenTrial and click the provided link to activate your account.
  • Complete your Health Profile: With your account now active, you'll be prompted to fill out a comprehensive health profile. This profile collects information on your medical history, current health conditions, medications, and lifestyle to help us find the most relevant clinical trials for you.
  • Review and Consent for Matching: After completing your profile, review your information carefully. You will be asked to give consent for CenTrial to use your PHI for the purpose of matching you with appropriate clinical trials. This step is vital for ensuring your informed participation in the matching process.
  • Receive Matches and Notifications: Upon completing your profile, our system will begin the process of matching you with available clinical trials. You'll receive email notifications about these matches, providing you with the initial information to help you decide whether to participate in any participar trial. This is where you'll have the option to consent to share your PHI with the researchers conducting the trials for further eligibility screening.


  • Q: How does CenTrial protect my privacy?
    A: CenTrial employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to safeguard your information. Your PHI is utilized solely for the purpose of matching you with clinical trials and is shared with researchers only after you give explicit consent.
  • Q: How do I know if a clinical trial is right for me?
    A: You will receive notifications that include basic information about each trial you match with. We recommend discussing this information with your healthcare provider to assess if a trial fits your health objectives and lifestyle. When you accept a match, and clinicians approve of your potential eligibility, they will contact you directly and provide you with complete details of what is involved in participating in the trial. You may opt out of the trial at any point.
  • Q: Are there any costs involved in using CenTrial's service or participating in trials?
    A: There is no charge for signing up with CenTrial or for using our matching service. Any potential expenses or compensation associated with trial participation will be clearly outlined in the trial details provided to you by the clinicians.
  • Q: How often will I receive trial matches?
    A: Match frequency is determined by the availability of trials that correspond with your health profile. CenTrial regularly updates its trial listings, ensuring you receive notifications as new matching opportunities arise.

Direct Connection to Clinical Trials

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