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Nexletol is Newly Approved to Treat High Cholesterol

Jun 13, 2020 by Esteban Kosak

Nexletol approved to treat high cholesterol

FDA approval of bempedoic acid (Nextetol) as a new cholesterol-lowering drug represents a unique opportunity for those in treatment for high cholesterol blood levels who have suffered from high LDL.

Statins and bempedoic acid work by blocking liver enzymes used in the process of cholesterol synthesis but through different locations of the pathway. By inhibiting the Novo-synthesis of cholesterol, they reduce the LDL cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on arteries, especially in patients who suffer from heterozygote hypercholesterolemia or patients with established atherosclerotic disease.

Various trials in 2019 showed a 15.1% reduction of LDL-C in patients treated with Nextelol compared with the placebo group, making it a very effective drug in reducing LDL-C levels.

Until the bempedoic acid approval, individuals who suffered from statins adverse effects, like muscle pain or rhabdomyolysis, didn’t have many other choices of treatment as statins represent the primary drugs for reducing the LDL cholesterol levels and other cholesterol-lowering drugs tend to cause more severe and frequent side effects. However, Nextelol is a very safe drug with a low adverse effect rate that constitutes a new option for those who have experienced statins adverse effects.

"This approval delivers upon a commitment we've made to millions of patients for a new treatment alternative if they struggle with bad cholesterol and have ASCVD or HeFH,"  said Tim Mayleben, president and chief executive officer of Esperion.


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