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Welcome to CenTrial, where our mission is to bridge the gap between groundbreaking medical research and the people who can help make it happen. Navigating the world of clinical trials can be daunting, especially when you or a loved one is seeking treatment options. That's where we come in.

CenTrial is designed to simplify the process, making it easier for volunteers to find clinical trials that are not just relevant, but potentially life-changing.

Our automated matching service is at the heart of what we do. By securely signing up and completing a detailed health profile, you empower us to match your Protected Health Information (PHI) against thousands of clinical trials that are recruiting for patients. This includes a wide range of cancer clinical trials, from lung to breast, pancreatic, prostate, and colon cancer, as well as innovative cancer vaccine trials.

Our goal? To ensure that finding a trial that's right for you is no longer a time-consuming challenge, but a seamless part of your journey towards health and healing.

Whether you're here to explore treatment options, contribute to medical advancements, or both, CenTrial offers a free, powerful tool to connect you with the research community. Let's take the first step together towards advancing medicine and offering new options to countless individuals around the world.
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Why Sign Up for CenTrial's Automated Matching Service?

Participating in clinical trials is more than just accessing potential new treatments; it's about making a significant contribution to the advancement of medical science. Each participant in a clinical trial plays a crucial role in helping researchers understand the effectiveness of new treatments, which can lead to breakthroughs that save or improve lives worldwide.

By signing up for CenTrial's automated matching service, you're stepping into a community dedicated to this noble cause, equipped with the latest technology to match you with the most suitable clinical trials.

Making a Difference with Every Match

Our automated matching service is designed with two key objectives in mind: to facilitate your access to new and potentially life-saving treatments, and to accelerate medical research by ensuring that trials quickly find the right participants. Here's how it works:
  1. Secure Sign-Up: Your journey begins with a secure sign-up process, ensuring your personal information is protected every step of the way. We prioritize your privacy and the security of your data above all else.
  2. Health Profile Creation: After signing up, you'll complete a detailed health profile. This step is essential as it captures comprehensive information about your health condition, treatment history, and preferences.
  3. Profile Completion: The profile you complete is designed to collect your Protected Health Information (PHI) in detail. This information is pivotal for the next step – matching.
  4. Personalized Matching: Utilizing advanced algorithms, our system compares your PHI against thousands of active clinical trials in our database. This process ensures that the matches you receive are tailored specifically to your health profile, maximizing the relevance of each trial suggested.

Why Personalization Matters

The power of our matching service lies in its personalization. Every individual's health journey is unique, and so should be their clinical trial options. By focusing on your specific health information, we ensure that the trials you are matched with are not just a random selection but a curated list that holds real potential for your situation.
CenTrial's personalized approach saves you time and increases the chances of finding a trial that could be the most beneficial for you.

Moreover, the efficiency and precision of our matching service mean that you can stay informed about new opportunities without the constant need for research. As clinical trials are continually updated and new ones are added, our system keeps pace, ensuring you're notified about trials that match your evolving health profile.

Joining CenTrial: A Step Towards Future Breakthroughs

By signing up for CenTrial's automated matching service, you're not just taking a step towards finding a clinical trial that could offer access to new treatments; you're also contributing to the broader effort of advancing medical research. Each match we make brings all of us closer to the next medical breakthrough, and your participation could be a key part of that journey.

Let CenTrial lead you effortlessly through the complex landscape of clinical trials, connecting you to the research that matters most to you. Together, we can pave the way for future advancements in medicine, one match at a time.

Benefits of Using CenTrial

Navigating the path to finding the right clinical trial can be overwhelming. CenTrial's automated matching service offers a streamlined, user-friendly solution designed to connect you with clinical trials effortlessly. Here are the key benefits of using CenTrial:

Time-Saving and Efficient

  • Eliminate Manual Searches: With CenTrial, there's no need to spend hours, or even days, scouring the internet or medical journals for clinical trials that may not even be the right fit for your condition. Our service does the heavy lifting for you, using sophisticated algorithms to match your Protected Health Information (PHI) with our extensive database of trials.
  • Streamlined Process: From sign-up to match, our process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, saving you valuable time and energy that can be better spent on your health and well-being.

Access to a Wide Range of Trials

  • Extensive Reach: CenTrial's platform accesses thousands of active clinical trials across a broad spectrum of cancers, including lung, breast, pancreatic, prostate, and colon cancer, as well as emerging cancer vaccine trials. This vast selection increases your chances of finding a trial specifically suited to your medical needs.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Our service opens the door to a variety of trials, from early-stage research to late-stage studies, ensuring you have access to the latest treatments and interventions being explored in the field of oncology.

Regular Updates

  • Stay Informed: CenTrial keeps you updated with regular notifications about new trial matches. This means you're always informed about the latest research opportunities without having to constantly search for new information.
  • Informed Decisions: Each notification provides detailed information about the trial, allowing you to read about it and understand its objectives, procedures, and potential benefits before deciding to proceed. This ensures that every decision you make is well-informed and aligned with your health goals.

Free Service

  • No Cost, High Value: One of the most significant benefits of CenTrial is that it's completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges for signing up or using the matching service. Our priority is facilitating your access to clinical trials, not imposing financial burdens.
  • Empowerment Without Expense: By offering our service at no cost, we aim to enable as many individuals as possible to take an active role in their healthcare and the advancement of medical research, without having to worry about financial constraints.

How CenTrial Can Benefit You

Time-Saving and Efficient

Forget the daunting task of manually searching for the right clinical trial. CenTrial streamlines this process with its automated matching service, ensuring you're matched with trials that are relevant to your specific health situation. This efficient approach saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus more on your health and less on the complexities of trial searches.

Access to a Wide Range of Trials

With CenTrial, you gain access to thousands of trials across various types of cancer, including lung, breast, pancreatic, prostate, and colon cancer, as well as innovative cancer vaccine trials. This extensive range ensures you have the highest chance of finding a trial matching your health profile and treatment needs.

Regular Updates

Stay informed with regular updates and notifications about new trial matches. CenTrial ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your participation. This feature allows you to explore each trial at your own pace before deciding to proceed with screening.

Free Service

CenTrial offers this powerful matching service completely free of charge. Our mission is to connect you with clinical trials without any financial burden, making it easier for you to access potential new treatments and contribute to medical research.

What to Expect After You Sign Up

Signing up with CenTrial is your first step toward finding a clinical trial that could be right for you. Here's a step-by-step guide on what happens after you join our platform:
  1. Completion of the Health Profile Survey
    After signing up, you'll be prompted to complete a detailed health profile survey. This critical step involves providing comprehensive information about your health condition, medical history, and specific treatment preferences. The accuracy and completeness of this information are vital for the effectiveness of the matching process.
  2. How Matches are Generated and Notified
    Once your health profile is complete, our automated system begins matching your Personal Health Information (PHI) against our database of thousands of clinical trials. Using sophisticated algorithms, we identify trials that best match your profile. You'll receive a notification detailing the trial's purpose, requirements, and location when a potential match is found.
  3. The Process of Choosing to Proceed
    After receiving a match notification, you have the option to learn more about the trial and decide whether to proceed with the screening process. Each trial's notification will include detailed information to help you make an informed decision.

    If you choose to move forward, CenTrial will guide you through the next steps to connect with the trial's research team. Alternatively, if the trial doesn't seem like the right fit, you can choose to wait for future matches. Our system will continue to search for trials that match your evolving health profile and preferences.

CenTrial's automated matching service is designed to make the process of finding and participating in clinical trials as seamless and stress-free as possible. From the moment you sign up and complete your health profile, to receiving matches and deciding on participation, CenTrial supports you every step of the way. Join us today and take the first step towards accessing new treatments and contributing to the advancement of medical research.

Types of Cancer Clinical Trials Available

CenTrial offers access to a diverse range of cancer clinical trials, ensuring that individuals with various types of cancer have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research. Our system includes trials for:
  • Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: Explore new treatments aimed at improving outcomes for lung cancer patients, ranging from early to advanced stages.
  • Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: Participate in studies investigating the latest therapeutic approaches for breast cancer, including hormone therapies, targeted drugs, and immunotherapies.
  • Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials: Gain access to trials focused on one of the most challenging cancers to treat, with research into new drug combinations and novel treatment strategies.
  • Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials: Discover prostate cancer trials looking into new diagnostic methods, treatment options, and ways to manage side effects.
  • Colon Cancer Clinical Trials: Contribute to research efforts aimed at improving colon cancer treatment, including prevention strategies, surgical techniques, and targeted therapies.
  • Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials: Join innovative studies aimed at developing vaccines to prevent certain types of cancer or treat existing cancers by stimulating the immune system.
Cancer Clinical Trials

Potential Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial

While participating in a clinical trial, it's important to understand the potential benefits and the nature of compensation:
  • Contribution to Medical Research: Your participation primarily contributes to advancing medical knowledge and developing new treatments that could benefit future patients.
  • Access to New Treatments: Participants may have access to cutting-edge treatments that are not yet widely available.
  • Compensation: Some clinical trials offer compensation for participation, which may include paid compensation, travel arrangements, accommodation, or stipends. However, these benefits vary by trial, and not all studies offer compensation.
  • Voluntary Participation: Participation should primarily be driven by the desire to contribute to medical research, with compensation as a secondary consideration.

Our Partners

CenTrial collaborates with a broad network of partners to match participants with the right trial. Our partners include:
  • Contract Research Organizations: We work closely with organizations that specialize in conducting clinical trials, ensuring a wide range of study options.
  • Universities: Academic institutions play a fundamental role in medical research, and our collaborations allow us to offer trials that are at the forefront of scientific discovery.
  • Hospitals: By partnering with hospitals, we ensure that clinical trials are accessible and relevant to patients receiving care.
  • Sponsors: Pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms sponsoring trials provide the resources necessary for groundbreaking research.
It's important to note that CenTrial does not administer these trials. Instead, we facilitate connections between participants and the research teams conducting the studies.

Call to Action

We invite you to consider signing up for CenTrial's automated matching service. Doing so expedites your search for relevant clinical trials, saving valuable time and effort. Our service is designed to be a powerful tool in your search for treatment options, offering:
  • Efficient Matching: Quickly find trials that match your health profile.
  • Contribution to Advancements: Play a part in medical advancements that could change lives.
  • Access to Innovations: Potential early access to new treatments and therapies.
Join us at CenTrial.org and take an active role in your health care and the future of medicine. Together, we can make a significant impact on the advancement of medical research. Sign up today and become part of a community dedicated to finding better treatments and, ultimately, cures for cancer.


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