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CenTrial is a platform built to advance medical research and contribute to the development of new treatments by connecting volunteers to researchers and patients to modern medicine.
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Patients & Volunteers

More than 20,000 clinical trials need participants

You can participate in clinical trials as a patient with a condition for potential access to cutting-edge investigative drugs and therapies, or you can sign up as a healthy volunteer to aid scientific research and get paid to participate in clinical studies.
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Clinical Trial Recruitment

The future of recruitment is here

Patient recruiting is now faster and easier. Using this self-managed platform you can quickly review patients and healthy volunteers that have passed the first level of scrutiny for your trials. Register today and start receiving participants as soon as tomorrow.
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Want to contribute to medical research?

Enter your health information which will be shared anonymously with researchers working on advancing medical treatments.
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Decentrialized Trial Recruitment

Specialized marketing for online trials

CenTrial's unique marketing model yields above average enrollment of patients for national digital clinical trials.
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