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Lily’s First (and Greatest) Battle: A Clinical Trial Triumph


A timely clinical trial to overcome liver cancer

Lily was only a few months shy of turning two years old when she and her family had to face the biggest battle of her life.

Having been diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma (a type of liver cancer), she and her family looked for the best ways to overcome this ordeal – and one of them was to participate in a clinical trial.

Lily’s mom Elise shares that the clinical trial her daughter participated in was designed to "shorten the length and amount of chemo cycles in Lily's treatment plan." One strong point of this particular clinical trial was that it was just as effective as standard chemotherapy treatments but with fewer long-term side effects.

Elise and her family had a good feeling about letting Lily join the trial, which meant their daughter only had to undergo three months of chemotherapy instead of the usual 8-9 months.

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The trial proved to be effective in shrinking Lily’s tumor to a size that made surgery to remove it possible, and in no time the toddler was eventually cleared for the next procedure.

The clinical trial that Lily participated in was a godsend during these COVID-19 times, as the shortened period allowed for an earlier scheduled surgery. Amazingly, it was performed a mere ten days before it was announced that surgeries all over the country had to be delayed because of COVID-19 – and that included cancer removal procedures.

Lily’s clinical trial participation made the timing perfect in such a way that she was able to celebrate her second birthday in May as a certified cancer warrior who had won the battle.

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