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An Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Amidst the Pandemic


Non-hodgkin's lymphoma immunotherapy clinical trial

Marc Silverman may be diagnosed with lymphoma, but there is no doubt that he's the type of person who will keep a positive spirit and an open mind for anything that can help beat his cancer.

The 48-year old Chicago, Illinois resident welcomed the month of May by undergoing an immunotherapy clinical trial at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital as a preliminary treatment before his chemotherapy sessions began two weeks later.

Immunotherapy treatments are designed to either suppress or activate specific parts of one's immune system so that the body is better able to fight cancer and other diseases. The ESPN Waddle & Silvy co-host shared a video of himself on Facebook moments before he was to enter the Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital – whose nurses and doctors he had expressed gratitude to for making treatments such as his available even during a global pandemic.

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“Feeling good, feeling great, let's go!” were his parting words to his Facebook friends and fans in the video, along with a photo of himself making a thumbs-up sign while seated comfortably during his first round of immunotherapy.

As shared on his Facebook page, he would go on with his second immunotherapy treatment and first round of chemotherapy the following day later that month as part of his cancer treatment protocol.

Marc's cancer treatment journey is just beginning, but his optimistic spirit coupled with innovative treatment options like immunotherapy clinical trials are all reasons to maintain a positive mindset about a successful outcome in this kind of battle.

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