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Clinical Trial shows ERAS to be Economically Feasible in Ovarian Cancer Patients


Clinical trial finds ERAS protocol beneficial financially for patients as well as hospitals

The importance of cost analysis in healthcare cannot be ignored. It is crucial to assess the cost-effectiveness of any healthcare intervention, including advanced treatments for serious conditions like ovarian cancer. A clinical trial has evaluated the cost savings of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol in ovarian cancer.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery is a protocol that aims to reduce the stress of surgery and improve patient outcomes by reducing the physiological and psychological impact of surgery. ERAS protocols have gained attention in recent years due to their potential to reduce hospital length of stay, and postoperative complications and improve patient prognosis. In the context of advanced ovarian cancer, the cost analysis of the ERAS protocol is a critical consideration for evaluating its efficacy.

Clinical Trial

A clinical trial evaluates the cost-effectiveness of the ERAS protocol in the management of advanced ovarian cancer. The trial, called the PROFAST trial, compared the outcomes and costs of two groups of patients: one group received the ERAS protocol, while the other group received traditional care. The researchers estimated the cost of hospitalization in wards, intensive care units, and surgical care, as well as imaging and laboratory test costs.


The results of the clinical trial, which involved 99 patients, showed that the ERAS protocol was associated with lower costs and better outcomes compared to traditional care. The researchers found that the average cost per patient in the ERAS group was €10,719, while the average cost per patient in the traditional care group was €11,028. This translates to a cost reduction of €309 per patient in the ERAS group. In addition to the cost savings for the patients, there was a significant reduction in hospital ward costs (33%) in the ERAS group.

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These findings indicate that enhanced recovery after surgery protocol is economically feasible not only for the patients but also for the healthcare establishments as it reduces the overall hospital stay and resource utilization.


Overall, the results of this clinical trial suggest that the ERAS protocol is a cost-effective and beneficial approach to the management of advanced ovarian cancer. By reducing the stress of surgery and improving patient outcomes, the ERAS protocol has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients and reduce the burden on healthcare systems.


This clinical trial highlights the importance of implementing evidence-based protocols like ERAS to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. With further research and implementation, ERAS has the potential to become the standard of care for patients undergoing surgery for advanced ovarian cancer and other surgical procedures.

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