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Promoting Better Sleep: Effects of a Nutritional Blend on Sleep Parameters


Clinical trial shows that unique nutritional blend has a positive effect on sleep

Sleep is crucial to overall health and well-being, particularly during adolescence. However, many individuals, including teenagers, often experience sleep deprivation due to various factors such as busy schedules, academic pressures, and electronic device usage. Sleep deprivation can harm physical, cognitive, and emotional health, leading to poor academic performance, mood swings, decreased immune function, and increased risk of chronic diseases.

Clinical Trial

A clinical trial investigated whether a novel nutritional blend composed of tryptophan, glycine, magnesium, tart cherry powder, and l-theanine could enhance subjective and objective measures of sleep during free-living conditions. The study utilized a randomized, repeated-measures crossover and double-blind deception design, involving a group of young adults (9 males and seven females, aged 24 ± 3 years) who completed a 3-day familiarization period, followed by 3-day intervention and placebo trials.


The intervention trial with the nutritional blend reduced sleep onset latency, which is the time to fall asleep, increased total sleep time, and increased sleep efficiency. Moreover, participants reported reduced morning sleepiness and 56% subjectively indicated improved sleep during the intervention trial, while 75% remained blinded to sleep assessment as a primary outcome measure.

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Researchers also observed that the nutritional blend altered the metabolic profiles related to the sleep/wake cycle. Thus, the nutritional blend may modulate neurophysiological processes in the sleep/wake cycle, potentially contributing to improved sleep quality.


This trial proves that using a novel nutritional blend of tryptophan, glycine, magnesium, tart cherry powder, and l-theanine may improve subjective and objective sleep measures during free-living conditions. These findings have potential implications for individuals who struggle with sleep deprivation and may benefit from interventions to enhance sleep quality. However, consulting healthcare professionals before changing sleep or dietary habits is essential. Adequate and quality sleep is a vital aspect of overall health and well-being. Further research in this area is warranted to understand the effects of nutritional interventions on sleep quality and their potential clinical applications.

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