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Food Delivery Intervention To Promote Healthy Pregnancy


Clinical trial observes effect of food delivery to promote healthy pregnancy

During pregnancy, proper nutrition plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of both the mother and the child. It impacts maternal health, and emerging research suggests that it also influences infant gut microbiome development.  

Clinical Trial

clinical trial examined the feasibility of a food-based intervention focused on increasing fiber intake among pregnant women in rural areas. The trial enrolled 27 participants in their mid-pregnancy from a prenatal care clinic in rural Michigan. These women were randomly assigned to either the intervention group (13 participants) or the standard care group (14 participants) and were followed up until six weeks after giving birth. The intervention was designed to be easily replicable and scalable, achieved through a collaboration with hospital food services. It included non-perishable high-fiber foods and recipes and weekly salads, soup, and fresh fruit deliveries.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention, the researchers collected various data points from the participants at 24 and 36 weeks of gestation, as well as at six weeks postpartum. These data included surveys, maternal blood and urine samples, and stool samples from mothers and their infants at six weeks. The trial findings demonstrated the feasibility and success of the intervention, with a high retention rate of 93% and 85% of participants reporting high satisfaction. Among the parameters compared across or within study arms, no significant differences were observed in dietary intake, plasma carotenoid levels, urinary metabolites, or gut microbiota composition.

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The intervention described in this study can serve as a model for replication in more extensive and longer studies aimed at investigating the effects of maternal diet during pregnancy on the establishment of the infant gut microbiome and its potential impact on related health outcomes. By shedding light on the importance of maternal nutrition and its potential influence on the infant gut microbiome, this pilot trial contributes to the growing body of knowledge. Ultimately, this knowledge can guide the development of future interventions and initiatives to optimize maternal nutrition and promote healthier outcomes for both mothers and their children.
Nutrients, Feb-05-23

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