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Innovative Wearable Tech Offers Hope for Veterans' Trauma-Related Nightmares


Clinical trial reveals a wearable tech that could offer relief from nightmares for veterans suffering from PTSD

Trauma-induced nightmares plague many, notably veterans, impacting sleep and well-being. A clinical trial explored a groundbreaking approach using wearable technology to directly address these distressing nightmares.

Clinical trial

Researchers undertook a trial involving 65 veterans facing sleep disturbances due to trauma-triggered nightmares. This trial, comparing an innovative wearable device-based application against a placebo (sham), aimed to assess improvements in sleep quality, symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, and overall life quality over 30 days.


Both groups, using either the Active or Sham systems, exhibited notable improvements across various measures. While the Active system tended to show stronger improvements, the differences between individual measures across the conditions were not statistically significant.


However, a closer analysis excluding infrequent device users revealed a significant finding. Among those who consistently used the Active device, there was a remarkable enhancement in perceived sleep quality compared to the Sham system.


These preliminary findings hint at the potential of wearable devices in enhancing self-reported sleep quality, especially for veterans facing frequent trauma-related nightmares. This technology directly targets the physiological aspects of nightmares, offering a potential solution to alleviate their distressing effects on sleep and mental well-being.

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The wearable device tested in this trial holds promise by addressing nightmare physiology. Its innovative technology aims to mitigate the detrimental effects of trauma-induced nightmares on sleep and mental health.


While this trial represents an early phase, its implications are significant. The prospect of wearable devices aiding individuals, particularly veterans, in improving sleep quality affected by trauma-related nightmares is promising. This novel approach could complement existing interventions, potentially providing relief to those battling persistent nightmares.



Before considering any new technology or altering treatment plans, individuals, especially veterans, should seek guidance from healthcare professionals. Moreover, further studies will be essential in solidifying these initial positive findings and uncovering the precise effectiveness and mechanisms of wearable devices in managing trauma-related nightmares.


In essence, this trial marks a pioneering effort in leveraging technology to confront and potentially alleviate the impact of trauma-induced nightmares. It offers newfound hope for better sleep and enhanced quality of life, particularly for veterans.


Clinicaltrials.gov, NCT04040387

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