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What Your Colleagues are Saying

"We collaborated with CenTrial on a remote outpatient clinical trial, NIH Activ-6, and could not be happier with the results. From the start, working with CenTrial was easy. The startup process was very smooth, and we were in constant communication to make adjustments to promote appropriate referrals with a high enrollment rate. Our partnership with CenTrial allowed us to be one of the top enrolling sites for the clinical trial, and we look forward to working with them again in the future."
Jadestone Clinical Research, LLC
"We are super happy about your referrals. So far I believe we have contacted all of your controls and enrolled many." Dermatology Department Chair, NY State.

"I got more participants through CenTrial than all 4 of the other recruiting tools I used. It's really helped me a lot." Z.L.

"The medical information provided was very thorough and relevant to helping me decide on potential eligibility." K.T.

What Participants are Saying

"CenTrial is very easy to use. It is not like other platforms where I question the validity of it. There are no extra advertisements or spam emails that come along with it once signing up. It’s quick, easy and reliable. You fill out your basic profile, CenTrial sends you potential matches, and you confirm your interest. It is the only clinical trial site I will use. Thank you!" – Kim Ziegler
"I was recently matched with a Covid19 study. CenTrial made everything possible. They are pleasant and informative. I walked into my study confident and eager to start. Money's tight right now and the notification that said I was matched with a new study was music to my ears. I'll be using them again."
– Lynn L., Kansas

What You Get

  • Two years access to the patient database.
  • No limit on number of trials you can get patient matches for.
  • Trials automatically matched to patients with your inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Review each patient's health profile before sending them an invitation.
  • One location for each trial, additional fee for each added location.
  • Targeted marketing that continually increases the database size for your trials and locations.
  • Instant notification when new patients are added that match your trials.

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