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Patient Recruiting is now Easier and Faster with CenTrial

Patient recruitment platform features:

  • No setup fee.
  • No cost to screen patients/healthy volunteers. Only pay when participants are enrolled.
  • Automatically receive patients and volunteers matched to trial criteria and locations.
  • Review each volunteer's health profile. Participants have authorized CenTrial to share their PHI with recruiters whose trials that match their profile.
  • Easily update the status of each patient/volunteer in you personal portal.

CenTrial is currently helping 500+ people per day apply for participation in clinical trials.

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What Your Colleagues are Saying

"We are super happy about your referrals. So far I believe we have contacted all of your controls and enrolled many."
Dermatology Department Chair, NY State.
"Participants are much more professional than other recruiting sites. Easy to use portal. Just wonderful. I want to always keep using CenTrial." B.E. "We collaborated with CenTrial on a remote outpatient clinical trial, NIH Activ-6, and could not be happier with the results. From the start, working with CenTrial was easy. The startup process was very smooth, and we were in constant communication to make adjustments to promote appropriate referrals with a high enrollment rate. Our partnership with CenTrial allowed us to be one of the top enrolling sites for the clinical trial, and we look forward to working with them again in the future."
Jadestone Clinical Research, LLC
"I got more participants through CenTrial than all 4 of the other recruiting tools I used. It's really helped me a lot."

"This is really smart. You've got my attention now for sure." J.K.

"Very easy to use, very well laid out, just a great recruiting tool."
"Excellent, our whole university needs to onboard CenTrial." R.O. "This is perfect, it's exactly what we need."
"It's really really great. I think we'll always use CenTrial."
"It's been just great. I really love the whole design."
"The medical information provided was very thorough and relevant to helping me decide on potential eligibility."
"The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. The contact information was accurate and allowed engagement with the patient." L.G. "It's a great fit for us. Exactly the right addition for our recruiting needs." D.G. "Such a great idea. I wish we'd found you last year."
"I love this. It's exactly what we need." M.C. "This is just beautiful. Really wonderful." A.R. "This is beautiful and so perfect for what we need. So happy to have this option now." M.Q. "I think this is fantastic. I want our whole team using CenTrial." J.J. "Best health intake form in the industry." R.R. "It's been very easy to use, very efficient." S.K.