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Virtual Clinical Trials - The Future is Here

Jul 9, 2020 by CenTrial

Virtual Clinical Trials

In this age of COVID-19, even clinical trials have had to adapt, developing a more virtual approach for studying investigational treatments.

Starting with data collection, wearables and smartphone apps can provide a wealth of data without which clinical studies cannot exist. As well, sites such as ClinicalTrialSignup.org offer volunteers a way to input their data directly. They can choose how their data is used and sign up to be notified when a trial match is found for them, saving them hours of grueling research hunting for a suitable trial.

To make enrollment easier, companies like Medable.com provide virtual trial recruitment, allowing patients to give their consent without having to travel to a trial site, helpful especially to the elderly who can enroll from the comfort of their living rooms.

Investigational medicines can be shipped directly to patients, and innovations like the smart fridge ensure that temperature-sensitive medications are properly stored, and dosages can be monitored from a touch screen on the fridge door.

Data protection is a risk in the virtual environment and even the largest companies can be hacked. Some people may be hesitant to share their data online. Also, patients must be able to enter their data updates as to dosage adherence and other trial protocol, transferring responsibility away from trained medical staff and placing trust directly in the of the volunteer to comply.

Although there are many aspects of virtual trials that need to be worked out, the least of which may be resistance from sponsors, it is obvious that the benefits to patients and sponsors alike will overcome any resistance.


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