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Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Improves Outcomes

Jun 12, 2020 by Smiti Munwani

Knee replacement surgery is very common among people with chronic arthritic knee pain due to joints wearing out and impacting their quality of life. Unfortunately, as many as 20% of patients undergoing this procedure report knee pain after the surgery and are unhappy with the results.

Robotic knee surgery provides better outcomes

Now, cutting edge technology called TSolution One Total Knee Application pioneered by THINK Surgical shows better surgical outcomes. Using this active-autonomous, image-based, robotic system, doctors are able to maximize precision positioning during surgery.

The US FDA approved TSolution One Total Knee Application for use in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in late 2019 and it has since been used on 115 patients in five hospitals.

Long term studies are still awaited because the procedure is still new. However, patients have reported better functionality and less pain than with conventional surgery.

A recent study on this procedure concluded 'robotic TKA technology will continue to grow and revolutionize orthopedic surgery. Future innovations include improvements of robotic TKA workflow, advanced intraoperative gap-balancing sensors, new biomimetic implant designs which can replicate pre-arthritic knee kinematics and robotically controlled instrumentation with soft tissue balancing. Today, robot-assisted TKA consistently improves overall mechanical alignment and reduces variability with some emerging evidence supporting improvements in clinical outcomes.'


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