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New Technology Allows Remote Monitoring of Suspected COVID-19 Patients

May 19, 2020 by Kamran Ahmed

Brazil-based startup, Biologix, has developed a new technology called Agência FAPESP that enables remote monitoring of suspected COVID-19 patients. The sleep apnea monitoring and home diagnostic system works based on the Internet of Things. Based on Agência FAPESP's monitoring data, doctors can recommend if and when the patient should be admitted to a hospital.

The technology will be tested in the two biggest hospitals in Sao Paula, Brazil, Biologix said in its statement. The project is supported by the FAPESP under the PIPE/PAPPE Grant program.


The device includes a cordless portable sensor, which is placed on the patient's index finger to monitor their heart rate and oxygen saturation. A smartphone app records the data, which is then sent to the cloud and a control panel handled by the medical team monitoring COVID-19 patients.

A drop in the oxygen level prompts the remote doctors to take action to admit the patient at a hospital immediately. The system also predicts any deteriorating signs in COVID-19 and sleep apnea patients.

"The system enables the monitoring staff to refer patients to a hospital at the right time, lowering the risk of contagion by interaction with others and, above all, protecting healthcare workers," Biologix CEO Tácito Mistrorigo de Almeida said.

Insurers, healthcare organizations, and hospitals can use the device to detect COVID-19 patients and other people at risk of developing the disease.

The primary benefit of the technology is that it helps healthcare professionals to make timely decisions about admitting the patient to a hospital. Likewise, hospitals can use the system to decide which patients should be sent to the ICU or put on a ventilator. The system can identify several cases at the same time, without the need to go through a thorough testing phase.

Health tech startups are changing the way medical tests and monitoring were once carried out. Now, patients who require urgent treatment can be instantly identified without any delay.


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