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Low Fat, High Fiber Diat may help Ulcerative Colitis Patients

Jul 3, 2020 by Kamran Ahmed

Diets high in fruit, vegetables, and fiber appear to help people with UC

Researchers in the United States have found that consuming foods with low fat and high fiber reduces complications associated with ulcerative colitis.


Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes an extreme but intermittent warmth-like feeling in the stomach. The condition can even trigger small ulcers on the lining of the colon, increasing the risk of bleeding and pus formation. 


The investigators recruited 17 patients with a type of inflammatory bowel disease for the trial. These participants' ulcerative colitis was either mild or in remission states, but showing some symptoms like diarrhea, pain, or bleeding.


The participants were divided into two groups. The first was given fruits and vegetables that were high in fiber but relatively low in fat, while the second group was assigned a  diet that had higher amounts of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, but was higher in fat. Halfway through the study, the groups switched their diets to the opposite group for the next four weeks. 

To provide control, all foods were specially prepared and delivered to participant's homes. 


While both diets were an improvement on their baseline diets, the participants who consumed less fat experienced lower inflammation. It was also found that sticking to a healthy diet improved the emotional behavior of the patients. 


These findings indicate that with a dietary change, ulcerative colitis patients, and even those in remission can achieve great success. 


Maria Abreu, who is associated with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, led the study which has been published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.


Dr. Abreu explained that individuals suffering from the disease often ask health experts about which diet would help their symptoms. At present, there are no diet recommendations given to UC patients, other than to not consume fruits and vegetables, but this study has revealed that the opposite may be true.

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