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Clinical Trial aims to help People with Cancer cope with COVID-19

Jul 11, 2020 by CenTrial

Testing efficacy of IMM-101 against COVID-19

Can an immune-stimulating treatment called IMM-101 reduce the incidence and severity of COVID-19 symptoms in people who are undergoing cancer treatment? That is the question a new clinical trial being conducted by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group is trying to answer.

Cancer can weaken the immune system and can put people at higher risk for serious complications if they contract COVID-19, and their need to regularly get treatment at hospitals means they are unable to practice social isolation, making them more susceptible to being infected.

Under development for several years, IMM-101 works as an anti-cancer treatment by boosting the immune system's ability to kill cancer cells. Researchers wondered if the therapy could be repurposed to help patients fight off the coronavirus,  and a trial to test the theory was designed to run in 8 cancer centers across Canada.

"Thanks to the quick-thinking and innovation of Drs Auer and O'Callaghan and the support of CCS donors, we are now able to conduct the world's first clinical trial to prevent severe COVID-19 infections in people with cancer and help them live longer healthier lives," exclaims Andrea Seale, CEO, Canada Cancer Society.

Results of the trial are expected in 9 months, and if successful, IMM-101 may also prove beneficial to people with other chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems who are at higher risk of COVID-19.


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