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Breakthrough Combo of Diabetes Drugs Provides Better Blood Sugar Management

May 11, 2020 by Kamran Ahmed

In a breakthrough development, a team of researchers at Stanford University has formulated a two-in-one diabetes drug with insulin and amylin infused together. The scientists found better blood sugar control when the two drugs are administered as a combo than injecting them separately. The new formulation was tested on diabetic pigs.

Blood Sugar Management

Diabetes is a leading cause of death in the United States, with an average of 25.7 out of every 100,000 people dying from the disease every year. Traditionally, a good lifestyle coupled with certain medications is supposedly the best treatment to keep the blood sugar level in check. But the new, two-in-one diabetes shot provides a unique and better way for diabetic patients to manage their blood sugar levels.

While using separate injections of insulin and amylin for blood sugar management is already in practice, the Stanford scientists used a polyethylene glycol wrap to bind amylin and insulin together under a protective shield. The polyethylene glycol used in the preparation of shot is a new type having cucurbituril-PEG on end. It is basically a molecular Velcro, according to the investigators. As soon as the shot is injected, the protective layer dissolves into the blood, getting the drugs down to work.

The novel combo drug's clinical trial is yet to be conducted. It will be commercially available after successful human trials and approval by regulatory organizations, said the research team. The investigators have to prove that the shot is safe for humans and shows great efficacy.

The research team is excited over their new development, said Eric Appel, a lead member of the research team and a materials engineer. They have now filed for patenting of the new drug.

More breakthrough techniques and medications help doctors to deal with the complexities of many serious diseases, with diabetes being one of them. At present, better blood sugar control is the only way to avoid severe complications resulting from diabetes. The two-in-one shot is expected to lead the way for other researchers to dig deeper into the treatment techniques.


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