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Augmenting Clinical Trials with AI

Jul 31, 2020 by CenTrial

Augmenting clinical trials with AI

According to an MIT Sloan study, clinical trials usually take years to complete, cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and result in only a 14 percent success rate in developing new drugs that are FDA approved.

Drug experiments document every reaction that happens when a cell is exposed to different compounds, a process that could generate hundreds of millions of these snapshots. By using AI, researchers are able to predict how cells will react based on recycled snapshots, making the drug discovery process 250 times faster, according to Johnson & Johnson.

AI is making the clinical trial process faster, more reliable, and more secure. "It's providing the intelligence that we, as humans, aren't able to [obtain] because we are can't crunch that amount of information and come up with a solution," explains Dave Anderson from the AI software company Dynatrace.

The coronavirus has sped up this shift to technological solutions, as companies are desperate to create a vaccine in record time.

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