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In January 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. It's odd but, that day broke my heart.

I had neck pain that was common for me but it was worst on that day. So I went to the ER. They send me for a CT scan and discovered a mass. I was referred to a cardiothoracic surgeon. He sent me for a biopsy and they diagnosed it was lung cancer and that had spread to my adrenal gland. I went to an oncologist and he did chemotherapy for the next 12 months.

lung cancer

The 12 months of chemotherapy made me so sick that I didn't want to live. I was really sick and always felt nauseous. After some time they gave me a patch that did a really good job of quelling my stomach.

I was weak. I had extremely low (WBCC) white blood cell count. Sometimes I had mouth bleeding and a really bad cough. I was done with it.

I was searching for better options and eventually, one of my friends led me to a consultant and he gave me new hope with a clinical trial.

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I was ready to die when I was on chemotherapy. I didn't want to have that feeling again, so I decided to join this immunotherapy clinical trial.

My consultant told me about the immunotherapy and how it worked; he told me that it would retrain the T-cells which will attack the tumor. During the trial I got CT, Ultrasound, MRI, and PET scans.

The doctors and nurses were excellent. During IV drug administration a nurse constantly stayed with me, taking my blood pressure and pulse rate.

I had 12 treatments up until now. After the 3rd treatment, test results showed shrinkage in cancer, and my last scan result was really encouraging.

I had really little side effects with it. I would encourage more cancer patients to go through the trials so it can change the treatment method of cancer and other diseases.
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