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Jason Cherish: the Courage to Fight


It takes a lot of courage to fight chronic illness and people like Jason are a true inspiration. It is not easy to fight cancer in your twenties but Jason did.

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are words that can create panic for any average person. However, this was not the case with Jason. He is a man of stature, a colorectal cancer patient who is a true symbol of courage and perseverance. He portrayed how one can achieve anything in life with focus and resourcefulness. Jason achieved this with the support of his parents Lynn and Nick Cherish, girlfriend Morgan, and a successful clinical trial at John Hopkins Research Center.

Jason Cherish clinical trial
Jason Cherish, YouTube screen capture

Jason used to fully cherish his younghood by playing soccer, mountaineering, swimming, and running marathons before he was diagnosed with cancer back in Nov 2011. His parents were in complete shock when they learned about his illness. They shared their experience by saying, "Life is ever-changing and can be really shocking at times, but very few face what we did.”

They couldn't stand the thought that they can lose their son. It was not an option for them so they prioritized Jason needs above everything else and were ready to do whatever that was needed to be done.

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They helped him reach a crucial decision of his life to enroll in a clinical trial which eventually saved his life. Now Jason considers himself lucky that his colorectal cancer was successfully treated.

He has returned to normal life, thanks to Johns Hopkins Colorectal Cancer Research Center of Excellence. He is now focused on helping other people fight their illnesses, learn how to use their energy for their own good. He is sharing his personal experiences to motivate other cancer patients to get back to normal life.

Jason is currently part of a fighting cancer campaign, "Making Waves" in Baltimore, USA. His family and future wife Morgan are fully supporting him in his noble cause. He believes we can contribute hugely towards a healthier society in many ways, by getting involved, donating, and volunteering.

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