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Lily was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis more than a decade ago and has fought with the pain, stiffness, and exhaustion that come with rheumatoid arthritis. Lily had just turned to 31 when she was first diagnosed. "It was a nightmare for me when I was told that I have a disease to manage for the rest of my life," she said.

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Over 4 years, she was treated with oral antirheumatic drugs and on-and-off painkillers. Although treatment helped Lily to control her condition, the disease changed the way she lived her life. However, in May 2014 Lily's family decided to seek help from another rheumatologist recommended by a family friend. After seeing the new rheumatologist, Lily and her family were informed about an ongoing rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial. Lily decided to enroll for the trial. After some ground-level investigations she was qualified to participate in the trial.

Within weeks of starting the trial treatment, Lily's symptoms began to ease. A few months later, she was back to a new normal life. After completing the treatment, Lily underwent another 6 months of safety follow-up to check whether she had experienced any long-term side effects. Luckily, no major side effects were reported and she ended the trial with positive results.

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Finally, Lily said "I was tired and I was in pain. Once I started my treatments, I began to see a painless future. My rheumatologist was the one who explained to me the importance of research and I wouldn't be so positive about clinical trials without him." Lily has accepted that she must live with her silent disease and drug therapy for the rest of her life.

Now, Lily leads an active life with her three-year-old baby girl and her husband. Also, she has a very strong relationship with her rheumatologist and she is constantly supporting his research works as well. Her only hope is to have more treatment options to control rheumatoid arthritis, or better yet a cure.

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