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Clinical Trials Changed Vanessa Life


Vanessa Johnson-Brandon feels and looks great today. She is thriving, enjoying her life with family and friends. Only a few months back things were totally different. Vanessa was a colon cancer patient who received chemotherapy for over 2 years.

She went to two different hospitals (including the Cancer Treatment Center of America) in the hope of recovery. She had to fly all the way from Baltimore to Chicago every two weeks for treatment but there were no signs of improvement. The state doctors told her there was little possibility for improvement and she should try other therapeutic options currently under investigation.

Surviving colon cancer with a clinical trial

The news shook her. She wanted to become healthy again, live more, and enjoy the company of her grandsons. She could easily have been overwhelmed when she found out about her situation but she remained positive.

Vanessa was informed about ongoing research in immunotherapy and her option to become part of a clinical trial. So, she decided to enroll in the groundbreaking clinical trial to treat her cancer. It was an intelligent and brave decision. She applied at various centers and luckily John Hopkins Research Center replied to her call.

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She believes that if you have decided to run a race with complete devotion, you are already a winner. These are the words from a woman who has endured these words in reality. Becoming part of the clinical trial was like running a marathon for her that she ended up winning with a 66% improvement in her cancer.

Today she credits John Hopkins Research Center for saving her life. She is also thankful for the sources that money came from. She added by saying that the doctors, nurses, and the whole staff were very nice to her.

She also has the privilege to be part of the drug trial that has now become an approved treatment method for colon cancer patients like her. Those clinical trials not only improved her wellbeing but are going to help many more in the future. Now, Vanessa is calling out people to get involved, participate in fundraising campaigns, and contribute towards clinical trials carried out for the greater humanitarian wellbeing.

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