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Diabetes Clinical Trial gave me a Fearless Life


My name is Paul Bowers Isaacson. I live in London, UK. It was 1999 when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. After that, I started working out, monitoring my diet, and doing some cardio exercises. I lost some weight and thought I was getting better.

A year later, I woke up one day to a sharp chest pain and a feeling of pins and needles in my left hand. My wife called the ambulance. By the time it arrived, the pain had already intensified. Paramedics rushed me to the hospital. They thought it was a heart attack.

Diabetes clinical trial a cussess

Doctors kept me in the hospital for a week. My cholesterol was very high so I was given medications primarily for that among other things. When I got discharged from the hospital I was still in the recovery.

Two years passed and I was still having consistent problems along with risk factors of heart attack, high cholesterol, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases.

The Decision to go for a Trial

After 4 years of constantly living under the life-threatening risk of heart attack with little improvement using traditional medications, I decided to look for a clinical trial. I knew that there are risks involved in a trial and I wanted to make an informed decision. So, I consulted my doctor for all the available options.

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At my doctor's suggestion, I joined a clinical trial for a new drug. My statin dose was increased along with the new drug. I was happy with the care I received. I was given great attention and oversight from the nurses and the doctors. It was very reassuring.

A few days into the trial, I began to see improvements in my cholesterol level and overall health. After the trial ended, the centre also kept in touch with me for regular checkups.

Living a Fearless Life

Today, I am fully recovered from the risk of any heart attack, and taking medicine that was developed through the trial that I participated in. My diabetes is in control and I am able to do things without worrying about the heart attack.

I have also started a voluntary group of trial participants, TrialsConnect, to spread the awareness about clinical trials so that people can have better access to the trials. I am feeling good about doing something helpful for the community. Participating in the trial has positively impacted my life. The drug, that was developed through the trial, will benefit the future generations for years to come.

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