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Deb Volunteers for Multiple Clinical Trials


Deb, 47, is no stranger to clinical trials. The Phoenix, AZ resident has participated in three clinical trials in 1997, 2006, and 2015 for oral birth control, labor induction, and low libido, respectively. Deb's decision to participate in these clinical trials was prompted by different reasons: free birth control for the first one, the opportunity to engage in actual induction in the second, and turning to science for ways to re-spark her sexual desire in the third clinical trial.

Volunteering for multiple clinical trials

Deb notes that she was able to receive compensation in all three clinical trials that she had participated in. In all three, she was given compensation in the following forms: monetary, in-kind, and paid-for services. It is encouraging to see that there was a genuine effort put into providing for the needs of the clinical trial participants through numerous means.

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Deb views her experience of participating in these three clinical trials as a positive one primarily because the staff and company for all three different but interrelated trials remained consistent. In fact, the OB-Gyn remains her doctor to this day. She was mostly satisfied with the level of care and comfort that was given to her and notes that attendants made sure to keep her well informed of the procedures.

The time between each of Deb's clinical trials may seem like a long time, but one thing was very clear to her about this kind of experience: that relationship building between the medical center and the trial participants is the key to success.

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