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A Dark Diagnosis Leads to a Re-evaluated Life


Cancer gives Sharon a chance to re-evaluate her life
Sharon at the Holi Festival in India - signifying the victory of good over evil

In 2008 Sharon discovered a big lump on her left breast. Her youngest son was only 5 years old. Sharon carried the BRACA1 gene so it was decided that she must have radical surgery to remove both her breasts, as well as undergoing chemo and radiation. 

Sharon considered herself a "wonder woman," someone who was in charge of her life and relied on her own skills to determine the success and direction of her life and career. She developed a career as a commercial lawyer, married, and had two children and was busy working and keeping her household.

All this busyness lead her to become a bit of an automaton, and her life became a long "to do" list, her "job" to delete as many items on the list as possible. This disassociation from her feelings left Sharon feeling unsatisfied and disconnected from real life.

Thus it was a surprise when she reacted to her diagnosis by taking a step back – by feeling grateful for her life and embracing the "wake up" call that cancer afforded her, a chance to re-evaluate her life and what was truly important in it.

A strong will grew inside her to win the battle against cancer and to heal her body and her soul. She dramatically changed her diet, eating only healthy food, and avoiding the junk she used to eat, which lead to the welcome side effect of losing 66 pounds! She started exercising and working out and suddenly realized that she looked great – even after losing both breasts.

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But as she was able to work at healing her body, it was her mind that proved the more difficult challenge. Sharon had to accept the fact that not everything was under her control – a major change for the former control freak. It was scary to feel so insecure, to be unable to make definite plans for the future.

Looking deep within Sharon realized that it was important to let her inner feelings and thoughts lead her decision-making. An exciting transformation started to occur as she daily asked her heart to tell her what to do and then tried her best to do it. This questioning led her to an intensive meditation workshop in India, led her to change her approach to her job, led her to raise her kids differently. In other words, to be true to herself.

As strange as it may sound, Sharon feels better about herself today than she did before the cancer – a strange but powerful gift that brought her from darkness into light. Twelve years on she is healthy with no sign of cancer.

If you need some encouragement you can contact Sharon at florentin94@gmail.com

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