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Reducing Post-surgery Complications: the Benefits of Gargling with Honey and Lemon Water


Clinical trial confirms gargling with honey and lemon may reduce cough, hoarseness, and sore throat after extubation.

Cough, hoarseness, and sore throat are common complications that patients experience after undergoing surgery and being intubated with an endotracheal tube. These side effects can be uncomfortable and can impact a patient's quality of life after the procedure. Fortunately, a recent clinical trial has found that gargling with honey and lemon water may be an effective way to reduce these complications.

The study involved 110 patients who underwent surgery. The patients were randomly assigned to either an experimental or control group. Those in the experimental group were instructed to gargle with 30 cc of honey lemon water every two hours, starting six hours after surgery. The control group received routine care. The researchers then assessed the patients' cough, hoarseness, and sore throat before the intervention, as well as 12 and 24 hours after extubation of the endotracheal tube.

The results of the study showed that there was no significant difference between the two groups in cough and sore throat 12 hours after extubation. However, the score for hoarseness was lower in the experimental group. At 24 hours after extubation, all three variables were significantly lower in the experimental group. The passage of time was also found to have a significant effect on all three variables.

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These findings suggest that gargling with honey and lemon water may be a safe and effective way to reduce complications after extubation. The use of natural remedies like honey and lemon water can also be an attractive alternative to traditional medication, which may have unwanted side effects.

Honey is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help reduce inflammation and infection in the throat. Lemon is high in vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Combining these two natural ingredients in a simple gargle solution may be an effective way to reduce complications after surgery.

The results of this study suggest that honey and lemon water may be a promising natural remedy for reducing complications after surgery and intubation.

If you are scheduled to undergo surgery and are concerned about the potential side effects of intubation, you may want to consider gargling with honey and lemon water after extubation. It is a safe and easy way to potentially reduce cough, hoarseness, and sore throat. As always, it is important to discuss any concerns or questions with your healthcare provider before trying any new remedies.

JMUMS, Apr-22

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