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Comparing Two Pain Relief Methods after Surgery


Clinical trial determines that buprenorphine patch provides better pain relief after surgery

Pain relief is an important aspect of post-operative care. Adequate analgesia is an essential component of many enhanced recovery protocols after surgery as it reduces recovery times and complications. Additionally, it also improves the patient’s quality of life.

Researchers have conducted a clinical trial to find out which pain relief method works better in the early stages after surgery: intramuscular tramadol or a transdermal buprenorphine patch.

Post-operative Pain

Post-operative pain is defined as the pain experienced by a patient immediately after surgery and continuing up to a few days after the procedure. Recent clinical guidelines have emphasized good pain relief after surgery for early patient recovery. There are several different pain relief modalities employed in current clinical practice such as intravenous analgesics, intramuscular analgesics, epidural analgesia, and patient-controlled analgesia.

Intramuscular tramadol has long been a go-to option for post-operative pain but several new agents such as transdermal buprenorphine patch have also been introduced. However, clinical trials comparing the two options have been limited.

Clinical Trial

The researchers wanted to compare two different ways of relieving pain after surgery. One way is by giving patients a medicine called tramadol through a shot in the muscle (intramuscular). The other way is by using a special patch on the skin that slowly releases another medicine called buprenorphine.

To find out which method is more effective, the researchers conducted a clinical trial in which the patients were randomly assigned to either the tramadol group or the buprenorphine patch group. They then carefully observed and compared how well each group's pain was managed.

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The Results

After studying the data from the patients, the researchers found some interesting results. It turns out that the buprenorphine patch group had better pain relief compared to the tramadol group during the first 48 hours after surgery. This is important because the first few days after surgery can be quite uncomfortable, and good pain relief can help patients feel better and recover faster.

The researchers also noted that the patients in the buprenorphine group experienced fewer side effects like nausea and vomiting, nightmares, sweating, and insomnia.

This clinical trial is important for patients who are going to have surgery. The findings suggest that using a buprenorphine patch might be a better choice for managing pain in the first two days after surgery, compared to getting a tramadol shot. The patch seems to provide good pain relief while causing fewer uncomfortable side effects.


The clinical trial compared two methods of pain relief after surgery: intramuscular tramadol and transdermal buprenorphine patch. The results showed that the buprenorphine patch provided better pain relief and had fewer complications in the early hours after surgery. This information can help doctors make better decisions about how to manage their patient's pain after surgery, leading to a more comfortable and smoother recovery process.

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