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Can High-flow Nasal Oxygen Improve Safety in Obese Patients During Anesthesia?


High-flow nasal oxygen proves beneficial to obese patients under asesthesia.

Obesity is a growing health concern in modern times, with millions of people worldwide suffering from the condition. It can lead to other health issues, like problems with breathing during surgery.  One way doctors try to make surgery safer is by giving patients oxygen through a mask or a tube that goes into their nose. However, it is uncertain how effective high-flow nasal oxygen is in the obese population.

Clinical Trial

A clinical trial looked at whether giving patients a lot of oxygen through their nose during surgery was better than giving them oxygen through a mask.

The study involved patients who were very obese and were having weight loss surgery. They were divided into two groups, with one group getting lots of oxygen through their nose and the other group getting a smaller amount of oxygen through a mask. The doctors then stopped the patients from breathing for several minutes or until their oxygen levels dropped.

The study found that the amount of time patients went without breathing was about the same in both groups. However, more patients in the mask group had a drop in their oxygen levels than in the nose tube group. This means that the nose tube might be a better way to give oxygen during surgery for very obese patients.

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The study is important because it shows that giving patients lots of oxygen through their noses during surgery could make it safer for them. This is especially important for patients who are very obese and might be at higher risk for breathing problems during surgery. However, more research is needed to see if this is true for other types of patients and surgeries.


Obesity can cause problems with breathing during surgery. Giving patients lots of oxygen through their noses during surgery might be a way to make surgery safer, especially for very obese patients. A study found that using a nose tube to give oxygen might be better than using a mask. However, more research is needed to see if this is true for other types of patients and surgeries.


British Journal of Anaesthesia, Jan-11-22
ClinicalTrials.gov NCT03428256

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