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MAN v FAT Soccer: A Potential Weight-loss Technique for Obese Men


Clinical trial finds that the MAN v FAT Soccer program may be a promising weight-loss intervention

Are you an overweight or obese man who wants to lose weight and get fit, but finds it challenging to stick to a weight-loss program? If yes, then there is good news for you!
A clinical trial published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology suggests that playing soccer may help you shed those extra pounds and improve your overall health.

MAN v FAT Soccer Program

MAN v FAT Soccer is a sport-based weight-loss program for overweight and obese men that originated in the United Kingdom. It is a unique weight-loss intervention program designed exclusively for men who have a BMI of 27.5 or over. The program combines the social aspect of team sports with education on healthy eating and lifestyle habits. The program may be particularly effective for men who struggle with traditional weight-loss programs, as it provides a fun and supportive environment where they can work towards their weight-loss goals with like-minded individuals.

Clinical Trial

The clinical trial examined the efficacy of a sport-based weight-loss intervention called MAN v FAT for overweight individuals who had difficulty losing fat via traditional methods.

The trial involved 418 overweight or obese men who participated in the MAN v FAT Soccer program. The program consisted of weekly soccer matches in which the participants teamed up with like-minded individuals who also wanted to lose weight. The teams were given points not only for the goals scored but also for the weight loss of their players.

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The researchers found that the program was feasible, as the participants reported positive perceptions of the program, and a high proportion reported intentions to recommend the program to others (95.9%). They also found that the program was effective in helping the men lose weight, with an average weight loss of 4.6%. Furthermore, the men also showed improvements in their physical activity, with an average increase of 88.5. Additionally, there were improvements in psychological outcomes such as depression (17.6% decrease), stress (19.0% decrease), and body appreciation (19.1% increase).


The results of the clinical trial suggest that playing soccer may be a fun and effective way for overweight and obese men to lose weight and improve their physical fitness and mental health. It demonstrates that leveraging competition and masculinity may help drive men's health behavior change and eventually result in weight loss.


If you are an overweight or obese man who wants to lose weight and improve your physical fitness, then playing soccer may be a fun and effective way to achieve your goals. This clinical trial suggests that the MAN v FAT Soccer program may be a feasible and promising weight-loss intervention that combines physical activity and education on healthy habits.

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