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Is Behavioral Therapy Effective for Improving Sedentary Lifestyle in COPD Patients?


Clinical trial determines that behavioral therapy is of no value in motivating COPD patients to exercise more

Are you tired of sitting on the couch all day long and feeling guilty about not exercising enough? Well, this clinical trial has insights for those people who have a sedentary lifestyle due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a common respiratory illness that affects breathing.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, refers to a group of diseases that cause airflow blockage and breathing-related problems. It includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. COPD makes breathing difficult for patients. About 16 million Americans suffer from breathing issues due to COPD. The breathing difficulty is particularly exacerbated by physical activity which prompts the patients to acquire a sedentary lifestyle. However, this sedentary behavior has its risks such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Hence, researchers have been looking for ways to improve this sedentary behavior in COPD patients.

Clinical Trial

A clinical trial has been conducted to determine the effectiveness of a six-week behavior change intervention to help reduce sedentary behavior in people with COPD.
The trial involved 70 participants suffering from COPD. The participants were randomly assigned to either the intervention group or the control group. The intervention group received a six-week behavior change intervention, while the control group received usual care.

The behavior change intervention consisted of weekly sessions with a trained facilitator who provided personalized feedback, goal-setting, and support to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior. The participants were also given thigh-worn accelerometry for 7 days to track their movements and determine their sedentary behavior.

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The results of the trial showed that the participants in the intervention group did not have any significant reduction in sedentary behavior compared to the control group. These findings emphasize the need to adopt alternative methods to improve the sedentary lifestyles in COPD patients as sedentary behavior has been linked to numerous health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. By reducing sedentary behavior and increasing physical activity, people with COPD can improve their overall health and quality of life.


The six-week behavior change intervention tested in this clinical trial did not show promising results in reducing sedentary behavior and increasing physical activity in people with COPD. This highlights the need to develop newer methods of improving sedentary behavior in COPD patients. If you or someone you know has COPD, consider talking to your healthcare provider about the various techniques available for improving your sedentary lifestyle.

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