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Clinical Trial Compares Kidney Transplant vs. Dialysis for Renal Failure Patients


Clinical trial shows that kidney transplant is a more effective treatment than long-term dialysis

Is a kidney transplant a better option than long-term dialysis for patients with kidney failure? A clinical trial has sought to determine the survival benefit of first single-organ deceased donor kidney transplantation compared with long-term dialysis across ages in transplant-eligible patients with kidney failure.

Kidney failure is a serious health condition that affects many people around the world. In some cases, the best treatment option is a kidney transplant, which replaces a failing kidney with a healthy one from a donor. However, not all patients are able to receive a transplant and must undergo long-term dialysis treatment instead. Kidney transplantation is generally considered to be superior to dialysis both in terms of overall cost and survival, however, strong clinical studies comparing the two treatments are limited.

Clinical trial

In a bid to rectify this, this clinical trial has compared the survival rates of patients who received their first single-organ deceased donor kidney transplant with those who underwent long-term dialysis treatment.

The clinical trial included 4,445 patients aged 18 years or older appearing on the wait list for their first single-organ deceased donor kidney transplant. The patients were divided into two groups: those who received a transplant and those who remained on long-term dialysis. The primary outcome was the time from transplant allocation to death.

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The results of the clinical study showed that patients who received a kidney transplant had a significant survival benefit compared to those who remained on dialysis, regardless of their age. The difference in the average survival times between the two groups was 0.57 years at age 20, years, 3.01 years at age 60 years, and 2.48 years at age 70 years.
These results indicate that patients who received a kidney transplant had a significantly higher survival rate compared to those who remained on dialysis.

The results of this clinical study are significant because they provide evidence that receiving a kidney transplant is a better treatment option than long-term dialysis for patients with kidney failure. Kidney transplant not only improves the quality of life but also significantly reduces the risk of mortality. These findings provide valuable information for healthcare professionals and patients when considering the best treatment option for kidney failure.


This clinical trial provides important insights into the survival benefits of kidney transplantation compared to long-term dialysis for patients with kidney failure. This is important for healthcare professionals, authorities, and patients because it advocates that more resources should be allocated for kidney transplants in renal failure patients.
JAMA Network, Oct-07-22

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