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Clinical Trial Proves Effectiveness of Influenza and RSV PCR Testing


PCR rapid testing confirmed by clinical trial to be highly effective in diagnosing flu and RSV

Respiratory illnesses are a serious health concern in the modern world. They are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the population and hence, early diagnosis and treatment are important. A clinical trial has investigated the use of a rapid on-site polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, for the detection of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), in determining the clinical outcomes of patients.

As we all know, influenza (flu) and respiratory syncytial virus are highly contagious respiratory illnesses that can lead to severe complications and even death, especially in vulnerable populations such as young children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems. Prior to COVID-19, influenza virus and RSV were the respiratory pathogens most commonly responsible for severe disease-causing hospitalization. Hence, rapid and accurate diagnosis of these illnesses is crucial for prompt treatment and prevention of further spread.

The recommended method to diagnose the flu and other respiratory virus infections is by nucleic acid tests such as PCR because of their superior analytical performance compared to antigen-based tests or cultures. However, traditionally these tests are conducted in central laboratories which results in a significant time delay between presentation and diagnosis.

This clinical trial explores whether using rapid on-site PCR tests for influenza and RSV could significantly alter the clinical outcomes of the affected patients.

The trial enrolled a total of 1,128 patients who presented with symptoms of flu or RSV infection. The patients were randomly assigned to either receive rapid on-site PCR testing (522 patients) or standard laboratory testing (606 patients). The results of the two testing methods were then compared. The primary outcomes were the length of hospital stay and the rate of oseltamivir prescription and the number of doses given.

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The findings of the trial were highly promising. The rapid on-site PCR testing was found to be significantly faster than the standard laboratory testing. The rate of oseltamivir prescription and the number of doses given was reduced in patients negative for influenza and RSV. This shows that the rapid PCR tests reduced the over-diagnosis and over-treatment of these patients thus, reducing the overall healthcare costs and burden.
The clinical trial, however, did show that rapid PCR testing was not associated with a shorter hospital stay in these patients.

These findings have significant implications for the management of flu and RSV infections in clinical practice. The use of rapid on-site PCR testing can provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis, leading to more prompt and appropriate treatment, which can ultimately result in improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.


In summary, the results of this clinical trial demonstrate that rapid on-site PCR testing for flu and RSV is a highly effective and efficient diagnostic tool that can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare resource utilization. This study provides important evidence to support the implementation of this technology in clinical practice.

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