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How Legal Support Can Improve Mental Health and Well-being


Clinical trial shows that involving medical and legal help improves healthcare

In a clinical trial, researchers explored how getting help from both doctors and lawyers can positively impact mental health, healthcare usage, and overall quality of life. This innovative approach, known as a medical-legal partnership (MLP), aims to tackle social issues that affect health. Let's delve into the details of this trial and see how it can revolutionize patient care.

Imagine a collaboration where doctors and lawyers work together to help people with their health and legal needs. That's exactly what a medical-legal partnership (MLP) is. By addressing problems like housing, food, and employment, MLPs aim to improve people's overall well-being. In this trial, researchers wanted to find out if getting immediate help from an MLP could make a difference in mental health, healthcare use, and quality of life.



The trial found that people who received immediate help from an MLP felt less stressed. This means that getting legal support quickly positively affected their mental well-being. Those who received immediate help also reported better overall quality of life in different areas like physical abilities, social support, and emotional well-being.

Although immediate help from an MLP lowered stress levels, it's important to note that participants in this group reported higher levels of general anxiety. This might be because dealing with legal processes can sometimes be stressful. However, it's crucial to remember that anxiety can be managed and treated with the right support.

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The trial also looked at how participants used healthcare services. Interestingly, those who received immediate help had 21% fewer visits to the emergency department (ED) compared to the wait-list group. This means that addressing social issues through legal support can help reduce the burden on emergency services and make healthcare more efficient.

On the other hand, the immediate help group had 75.6% more hospital visits. This finding suggests that when people receive support for their social needs, they may be more proactive about seeking preventive care and using hospitals for necessary treatments.


The trial provides strong evidence that medical-legal partnerships can improve mental health and healthcare outcomes. Getting immediate help from an MLP not only reduced stress levels but also led to fewer visits to the emergency department, showing the positive impact of addressing social issues through legal assistance.

By bringing together healthcare and legal support, medical-legal partnerships have the potential to transform the way we care for patients. This can lead to better overall well-being and more efficient use of healthcare services. So, remember, getting help from both doctors and lawyers can make a big difference in your health and quality of life.


JABFM, May-2023
ClinicalTrials,gov NCT03805126

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