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Clinical Trial shows Antibody Treatment is Not Effective for Covid-19 Patients


Clinical trial proves antibody treatment not effective for Covid patients

A recent clinical trial has demonstrated that a commonly used antibody treatment called hyperimmune intravenous immunoglobulin (hIVIG) therapy has no benefit in the management of Covid-19 patients.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Over the past 3 years, it has affected millions of people worldwide and has induced widespread panic and fear among the general public.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact people worldwide, researchers are working tirelessly to find effective treatments for those who are hospitalized with the virus. As a result, a new antibody treatment called IVIG was developed against this disease. The hope was that giving these antibodies to patients with COVID-19 would help their immune systems fight off the virus and improve their chances of recovery.

IVIG solution contains natural body proteins called antibodies which help fight off the Covid-19 virus inside the body. These antibodies are derived from the blood of people who have recovered from the Covid-19 disease. 

A recent clinical study published in The Lancet journal has evaluated the effectiveness of antibody therapy called IVIG in the treatment of hospitalized patients suffering from Covid-19.

The clinical study involved 593 patients from 63 hospitals and 11 countries who were suffering from Covid-19. 301 patients were given IVIG while 292 patients were given alternative treatment. The patients were assessed 7 and 28 days later for Covid-19 symptoms which included respiratory symptoms, organ failure, and death.

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After analyzing the data, the researchers found that there was no significant difference in the results of either treatment. The outcomes of both treatments were similar. The reduction of Covid-19 symptoms and the death rate were similar in both groups.

In addition, the risk of side effects was more in the people receiving IVIG compared to those receiving alternative treatment. Allergic infusion reactions were more in the IVIG group (18.6%) compared to the other group (9.5%). This indicates that the alternative treatments were safer than IVIG therapy.

This clinical trial has strong implications for healthcare professionals as well as patients because it significantly alters the current treatment plans in place for Covid-19 patients.
In conclusion, this clinical trial provides some insight into the effectiveness of hyperimmune immunoglobulin therapy IVIG for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. There is overwhelming evidence that IVIG therapy provides no additional benefit in the treatment of Covid-19 as the rates of recovery and death are similar to other alternative treatments. Furthermore, IVIG is also associated with an increased risk of allergic reactions which can be quite serious.

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