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Is Radiation Therapy effective for COVID-19?


Clinical study concludes that radiation treatment is not effective in treating COVID-19

Having lived in the current era, especially in the Western World, it would be unlikely that either you or someone you know would not have been affected by COVID-19. And due to the exposure to social media, you would also have come across several different potential treatment options for this troublesome disease.

A clinical study has explored the possibility of using low-dose radiation therapy for treating COVID-19 patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, and medical researchers have been working tirelessly to find effective treatments for the virus. This disease has affected millions of people worldwide and caused the demise of thousands.

Additionally, it has wreaked havoc on the world economy and health infrastructure. Many different treatment options have emerged during the past 3 years in an attempt to subdue this disease. Low-dose radiation therapy has been proposed as another viable option but the clinical data justifying its use is scanty. The therapy involves exposing patients to a low dose of radiation, which is not harmful to the body. The therapy is safe and does not cause any significant damage to healthy tissues.

In a clinical study, researchers conducted a review of low-dose radiation therapy in COVID-19 patients worldwide. The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of low-dose radiation therapy in treating COVID-19 patients.

The clinical study was an analysis of previously conducted clinical trials. It involved 61 participants from several countries. These COVID-19 patients were exposed to low-dose radiotherapy for treatment of their COVID-19 infection.

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The results of the clinical study found that low-dose radiation therapy did not have any significant positive effects on COVID-19 patients. It demonstrated that low-dose radiation therapy did not result in any significant improvement in the symptoms of COVID-19 in these patients.

This study has important implications for the patients and their healthcare providers as it proves that low-dose radiotherapy is not an effective treatment option for COVID-19 patients and that alternative treatment regimens should be used.

The study did indicate some improvement in a small number of patients but these patients were simultaneously receiving other COVID-19 medications such as steroids and other drugs. Hence, it was deduced that the clinical improvement in these patients was due to these alternative treatments.

In conclusion, this clinical study suggests that low-dose radiation has no benefit in treating COVID-19 patients. Although the therapy may be safe and well-tolerated, its effectiveness in treating COVID-19 patients could not be proved. Be sure to discuss all your treatment options with your doctor so that you can make an informed decision about the management of COVID-19 infection.
F1000Research journal, Jan-19-22

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