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Helping Parents of Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities


Program helps parents with intellectual disabilities

Parenting is a journey filled with joys and challenges, and it can be especially unique when raising adolescents with intellectual disabilities. A clinical trial titled "Parents Plus Parenting Program for Parents of Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities" sheds light on a program designed to help parents navigate this journey more effectively. Let's delve into the research findings and discover how this program can make a difference in the lives of both parents and their children.

People with intellectual disabilities make up between 1% and 2.5% of the population of Western countries (American Psychiatric Association). It is estimated, therefore, that between 2% and 5% of families globally will have at least one child with an intellectual disability. Having a child with an intellectual disability places extra demands on parents, and this is exacerbated in the adolescent developmental period.

As parents are the primary caregivers to these adolescents with complex needs, resources must be available to help alleviate parental stress and carer burnout. One such intervention is the Parents Plus Special Needs program (PPSN) which is the first tailor-made program for parents of adolescents with intellectual disabilities.

Clinical Trial

The clinical trial focuses on the Parents Plus Parenting Program. The goal of this program is to provide support to parents who are raising adolescents with intellectual disabilities. The researchers wanted to find out whether participating in this program could lead to positive changes in parenting skills, parent-child relationships, and overall well-being.

To test the effectiveness of the program, the researchers conducted a clinical trial involving 277 parents having adolescents with an intellectual disability. They divided the participating families into two groups. Some families were part of the program, while others were not, acting as a comparison group. This helped the researchers compare the outcomes between the two groups and understand the true impact of the Parents Plus Parenting Program.

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Positive Results

The clinical trial’s results were truly encouraging. Families who participated in the Parents Plus Parenting Program showed significant improvements in various areas. Parents reported improvement in their parenting skills, problem behaviors, parental satisfaction, parental self-efficacy, and goal attainment. This improvement not only helped them manage challenging situations better but also improved their relationship with their teenagers.

Raising a child with an intellectual disability can be demanding, and having access to effective strategies and support can alleviate some of the stress that parents might experience.

Why It Matters

The findings of this clinical trial are crucial for several reasons. Adolescents with intellectual disabilities often face unique challenges that require specific approaches to parenting. The Parents Plus Parenting Program offers parents tailored techniques and strategies to better connect with their children and support their growth and development.

By enhancing parenting skills and strengthening parent-child relationships, this program may have a lasting positive impact on families. It may promote a healthier environment at home, which may contribute to the overall well-being of both parents and their children.


Parenting adolescents with intellectual disabilities comes with its own set of joys and struggles. The clinical trial conducted on the Parents Plus Parenting Program highlights a promising solution to address the challenges these families face. By equipping parents with effective strategies, boosting their confidence, and improving parent-child relationships, this program may open doors to a more fulfilling and harmonious family life.

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