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Depression Resources and Advocacy

Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you doing your normal activities. Different types of depression exist, with symptoms ranging from relatively minor to severe. Generally, depression does not result from a single event, but from a mix of events and factors.

Depression Forums

Discussion groups that offer support for people suffering from depression.
Depression Forum
Patient - Depression
Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health Support Forum (Facebook)
My Support Forums Depression
Support Groups - Depression in Adults

Depression Information and Advocacy Groups

Support, communities, articles, and information concerning living with depression.
Moodzone - Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Depression Hurts
Support Groups - Depression in Adults
Mental Health America Find Support Groups
Mental Health America Depression Support and Advocacy
Free Anonymous Online Peer to Peer Communities
Major Depression can leave you Feeling Helpless and Hopeless
How Depression can Affect Your Life
A New Approach for Severe Depression

Depression Blogs

Depression blogs contribute tips and useful information that can help you manage your depression, provide support, and help you cope.
The SANE Blog
HealthyPlace Coping with depression
Talk Space – Depression
Heads Up Guys
The Depression Project Blog
Depression – Mental Health

Depression Stories

Read inspiring stories from people living with depression on topics such as how to cope, keeping well, and treatments.
A Breath Stuck: Me and My Depression
Reachout – Stories from Young People with Depression
Opening Up About My Struggle With Recurring Depression
My Depression in My Life
Beyond Blue Stories to Inspire You

Depression Apps

Depression apps can help you take control.
Daylio Journal Mood Tracker
Flow Depression treatment
SuperBetter Empower Youth Mental Health
Youper AI Self-guided therapy
Sanvello Community Support App
Wysa AI Support for Employees and Families

Depression Clinical Trial Results

Results of recent clinical trials conducted on medications and therapies for depression.
Managing Depression in Type 2 Diabetes with Melissa officinalis Extract
Zuranolone For Anxiety and Insomnia in Postpartum Depression
Improving Treatment for Bipolarl Depression
Creative Interventions to Alleviate Anxiety, Depression, during Protective Isolation
Boosting Physical Activity for Depression: A Hopeful Approach for In-Patient Treatment
Nasal Spray Effects on Treatment-Resistant Depression
Personalizing Treatment for Clinical Depression with Brain Stimulation
Probiotics may Improve Brain Function in Depression
Clinical Trial examines Predictors of Relapse in Psychotic Depression
Rapid Improvement of Postpartum Depression Symptoms with Brexanolone
Is Psilocybin Safe and Effective for Treatment-Resistant Depression?
Clinical Study Shows Mediterranean Diet Benefiicial for Depression
Stratified Care vs. Stepped Care: Which Approach is More Effective for Treating Depression?
Aural Rehabilitation is Effective in Treating Depression in Older Adults
Art Therapy: A Promising Intervention for COPD Patients with Depression
Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia help Alleviate Depression?
Clinical Trial Proves Exercise is Effective in Treating Depression in the Elderly
Clinical Trial shows Balanced Diet can Reduce Depression

Depression Books

Books about depression can provide information and tips on living with and controlling depression. Here are some of the most recent.


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