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Scott Wurtele

Scott Wurtele

Scott Wurtele


Scott has an extensive background in successful entrepreneurial ventures. His strengths include creative thinking, leadership, corporate vision, and the ability to prioritize in the midst of complexity.

An early venture was Worldbid.com, a B2B platform that focused Scott's energies and reflected the culmination of his skills, experience, and knowledge. With Worldbid's quick success, his vision for the company expanded to include website auctions, shipping solutions, international payments, and extensive value-added services that created user-loyalty. An innovative international partnership program was implemented that extended the concept in vertical and regional markets and promised exponential growth. In 2000, Worldbid brought $4 million investment dollars into Canada and employed 35 Canadians.

From there, Scott focused his energies on LawyersandSettlements.com a site that linked people with legal problems to the legal expertise that could help them.

After LawyersandSettlements sold, his next venture was IdeaConnection.com where top tier companies could find solutions to their technical and engineering problems by engaging IdeaConnection's teams of experts to brainstorm innovative approaches that provided answers.

IdeaConnection sold in 2020 and now Scott is ramping up his new venture CenTrial Data Ltd. to collect data that researchers need in order to combat disease, and to match people with clinical trials that can result in new treatments and therapies being approved.

The need for developing new drug treatments has never been greater. This platform is designed to benefit both the participants in clinical trials, and the resulting pharmaceuticals that can relieve or even cure diseases.

Scott pursues knowledge with energy and commitment, voraciously reading books and magazines in a wide variety of fields. Keeping abreast of developments allows him to integrate this new knowledge with his talents, energy, and determination.