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Welcome to the Future of Recruiting

Clinical trial recruiters

Enroll participants for less than traditional recruiting costs

There are thousands of companies soliciting clinical trial participants, and millions of patients and volunteers seeking to participate, but until now there has never been a single platform that matches all people to all trials.

Automatically receive participants matched to trial criteria and locations

Screen participants at no cost

Review a short health profile on each participant

Set the amount to pay per participant that you enroll

Although it is unusual for you to be able to determine your own fee, this works for you and CenTrial for several reasons:

  1. Because CenTrial is a platform (like Uber and AirBnB), we have very low overhead and can pass the savings on to you
  2. You know your costs, we don't
  3. We have found that most people set a fair fee. (We don't question the fee you set)

CenTrial puts the control in your hands!
In our self-managed platform you can:

  • Add and delete trials as needed
  • Add colleagues to the account
  • Enter the stipend you pay to healthy volunteers
  • Set the amount to pay CenTrial for each participant you enroll
  • Delete or pause your account

CenTrial holds all information provided in complete confidence.

Since CenTrial only promotes clinical trial participation in general, and never a advertises for specific trials, there is no requirement for the CenTrial ads to be approved by the IRB. If you do want to get IRB approval, there is a link to CenTrial’s ads on the Administration page of the website.

"The medical information provided was very thorough and relevant to helping me decide on potential eligibility."
K. Terrillion

"The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. The contact information was accurate and allowed engagement with the patient." L. Gravino