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Participant FAQ

How private and confidential is the information I provide?

Very, your information is stored on secure servers and is not sent to the clinical investigators by email.

How is my signup information used?

Go to: How Your Data will be Used for a detailed description.

How secure is my info?

Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information so that it cannot be read over the internet. You increase security by not entering your name nor birth date, and you can use an anonymous email address.

Can I apply to multiple trials?

Yes you can. You will learn more about each trial after you have been called by the intake personnel and can then decide which study you want to participate in. In nearly all cases you can only be enrolled in one trial at a time. As soon as you are enrolled in a trial you should login and click on "Pause Trial Matches" so that you will not receive any matches until your current trial is completed.

How long does a clinical trial last?

Clinical trials last from a week to 2 years or more. You can ask the trial's intake personnel when they contact you. You can then decline if you aren't interested.

How much will I be paid as a healthy volunteer?

Each trial pays a different amount. You will be told when the tria'sl intake personnel contacts you. Here is what some recent trials have paid.

I am pretty sure I qualify for a trial I have Accepted. Why haven't I heard from the trial coordinator?

Here are some of the reasons that people who appear to qualify don't get invisted into a trial:
  • the trial enrolment is full at a particular research location
  • the trial enrolment for a particular demographic is full
  • the trial enrolment for a particular ethnicity is full
  • the trial is no longer recruiting, but they have not yet updated their status to "Not Recruiting" (this is very common)
  • the recruiters have not processed all applicants yet - this sometimes takes months
  • the location has withdrawn from participating in the trial
  • the trial has its own database of participants that they give preference to
  • there is one or more inclusion or exclusion criteria that disqualifies you – make sure to read them carefully!

So please don't be offended if you don't get a call. It's not your fault, and we will continue to try to get you into the trials you Accept.

Sometimes a trial I am thinking of accepting disappears from my list of trials.

This is usually because the trial has notified us that they are no longer recruiting, or that the trial has been cancelled (usually due to lack of participants), or the location has been eliminated.

Can I stop receiving matches for awhile?

Yes. If you have enrolled in a trial, or for any reason want to stop receiving matches for awhile, just click on the "Pause Trial Matches" link and enter the date you want to start receiving matches again.

Why was my account deleted?

If you have expressed interest in a clinical trial and have then refused to respond to the trial coordinator who is trying to contact you about the trial, your account will be deleted.