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James Rogers

James Rogers

James Rogers

Head of Marketing

I was a child actor in the late 80s and early 90s but then shifted to a career in music. Now, as a father to four daughters I stay close to home and do not tour as much. Over the years I have performed, toured and opened for a variety of blues legends from BB King and the Fabulous Thunderbirds to Jimmie Vaughan and many other well known blues acts. I have garnered over 15 blues award nominations across my 5 solo album releases, including a Canadian Juno nomination.

I have always been entrepreneurial in nature and have developed, sold and franchised a few business over the years. During these ventures I developed a strong understanding of business structure and what it takes to get that business the reach it deserves to drive more traffic, customers and sales.

I began my career in marketing when I went on tour in 1995, at the age of 19, with BB King’s bassist. I began developing websites and marketing the band online as we toured from one city to another. I left the band in 2000 to start my solo career. While music did pay well, I wanted stability in business, not just music, as I have known far too many successful musicians who struggled financially, so I purchased a billiards hall and cafe.

I ran this business until the summer of 2005 and at this time I started a mobile paint business, which I franchised and sold in 2010. In 2008, while I was working with a few business ventures I became the Director of Admissions and Director of Marketing for a private post-secondary school. In 2015 I left this school to focus mainly on digital marketing within a wider scope of industries. I have multiple certifications in digital marketing and hold Google Partner status.

I also continue to remain active in the music industry, though Covid-19 has put this on hold until further notice.