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Living with Chronic Health Conditions



Anyone with a chronic health condition(s) knows how challenging it can be to live with every day. I was diagnosed with scoliosis around age eight. After I was examined by a grade school nurse, an X-ray showed how bad my curvature was. The orthopedic surgeon told my parents that he could straighten and brace my crooked spine with a steel rod to keep it from getting worse. 

Fast forwarding, my parents didn't think it was a good idea and took me to get chiropractor adjustments instead. For the next thirty years, my life was tumultuous; I was involved in two car accidents and went through other types of physical and emotional trauma that taxed my health. 

In 2018, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia; and in 2019, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My bones and joints were put through more stress when I kept losing and gaining weight. 

Although I've had Medicaid since 2017, there are treatments and procedures that still aren't covered. This is the main reason why I've signed up on CenTrial.org to find a practical, less expensive way to improve my quality of life. All of my health issues have grown worse, which finally forced me to file for disability. Even though I have evidence of being physically limited, I've been denied three times. 

As long as I'm able, I'd like to explore my health options through medical trials. My goal is to effectively address the root of my issues through alternative or improved conventional treatments.

It's very costly trying to pursue healthcare. If I'm fortunate enough to participate in the right trial, it can be the resource I need to live a more normal, healthier life.


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